Urologic Procedure Words / Phrases For Medical Transcriptionists

Cystoscopy, lithotripsy, prostatectomy, prostate seeding Words:
_____ seeds were placed using _____ needles (insertion of palladium seeds procedure)
0.035-inch guidewire
5-French open-ended catheter
5-French x 24 cm stent
5-French occlusion balloon catheter
6-French 24 cm double-J stent
6.4-French semirigid Olympus ureteroscope
6.5-French self-dilating ureteroscope
7 x 24 double-J stent
12- and 70-degree lenses
30-degree lens

21-French cystoscope sheath
24-French 3-way Foley catheter
24-French resectoscope sheath
aberrant seeds
AMS Dura-II penile prosthesis
anterior rectus sheath
argon beam for cauterization
athletic supporter
Balfour retractor
Bentson guidewire
biplanar 6 MHz rectal probe
bladder inspected with 30 and 70 degree lenses
bladder neck
bladder neuromodulator
Brooks dilator
Bugbee electrode
bulbar urethral stricture
Chelsea-Eaton anal speculum
Coloplast Titan three-piece penile prosthesis
coude catheter
cGy (centigray)
cobblestone urothelium
collecting system
cutting loop
Cunningham clamp
cystoscopy suite
da Vinci radical prostatectomy
Dartos fascia
dilated with female sounds
dome of bladder
Dornier lithotriptor
double-J stent
double pigtail Percuflex (ureteral stent)
Ellik evacuator
ESWL (extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy)
extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy
filling defects
filiform catheter
flexible cystoscopy
French ACMI panendoscope (eg, 21-French, 23-French ACMI panendoscope)
French instrument (eg. 21-French)
Furlow device
GE ultrasound apparatus
GreenLight laser prostatectomy
Gyrus resectoscope
Harmonic scalpel
hemorrhagic cystitis
holmium laser fiber
Holmium laser prostatectomy
hydraulic distention of bladder
hydrocele sac
Iglesias electrotome
indigo carmine injection
interstitial cystitis
intramural ureter
iodine-125 radioactive seeds
kidney delivered through the GelPort
kidney rest
kissing lobes (term occurs in relation to BPH or benign prostatic hypertrophy)
laser ablation
lidocaine jelly
malleable blade
Marshall test
McDougal clamp
Metzenbaum scissors
Nitinol basket (for stone extraction)
Nottingham dilator
obturator nerve
O'Connor drape
Olympus cystoscope
open-ended catheter
optical urethrotomy
palladium-103 interstitial prostate seeding
palladium-103 seeds
pelvic brim
pendulous urethra
penoscrotal incision
Polaris double-pigtail stent
Pollack catheter
Polocaine (used as penile block in circumcision)
prostatic fossa
prostatic varices
puboprostatic ligaments
rear-tip extenders (penile prosthesis surgery term)
red rubber catheter
retrograde pyelogram
retropubic space of Retzius
rigid grasper
roller ball electrode
rubber shod clamp
Rutner-tip catheter
self-dilating ureteroscope
seminal vesicles
sensor wire
shocks delivered to stone (lithotripsy procedure)
space of Retzius
spermatic cord
stone basket
subdartos pouch
suprapubic exploration
symphysis pubis
tortuosity of the ureter
trabeculated bladder
trabeculation (eg, 4+ trabeculation, etc.)
transrectal ultrasonography
trilobar hyperplasia
trilobar hypertrophy of prostate
trilobar occlusion of the bladder outlet
tunica albuginea of corpora cavernosa
TVT urethrovesical suspension
twenty-two needles
ureteral orifice
ureteropelvic junction
urinary efflux
Van Buren sounds
vas deferens
Vaseline gauze
Walther dilator (used to dilate female urethra)
watt power