Physical Medicine and Rehab / PodiatryTerms (Word List) For Medical Transcriptionists

abduction brace

abduction hip splint


abduction pillow

active-assisted range-of-motion exercise

activities of daily living

adaptive devices


American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) scale

ankle-foot orthosis or AFO

ankle-pump exercise

antidecubitus mattress

aquatic therapy


arm trough

aspiration precautions

assistive devices

balance board

bathroom equipment

bed mobility

bed rails

bedside commode

bed-to-wheelchair transfers

broad-based cane

broad-based gait

buddy strap/splint

Bunny boot

calcaneal stance

chin tuck technique (dysphagia patients)


compensatory techniques

contact guard assistance

CPM (continuous passive motion) device


dependent for all self-care activities

dressing stick

eggcrate mattress

electrical stimulation


elevating leg rest


energy conservation techniques and pacing

footdrop gait

front-wheel walker

functional transfers

gentle passive range of motion

give-way weakness

Glasgow coma scale score

grip strength

halo vest

hand grasp strength

handicap parking placard

HBO therapy

heel lift

hospital bed

Hoyer lift

hygiene, feeding, grooming, upper and lower body dressing,

and transfer skills

joint laxity


Kydex jacket

lightweight wheelchair

LiteGait device

long handle shoe horn

long handle sponge

lumbosacral corset


maximal assistance, moderate assistance, minimal assistance


maximal assistance for grooming

Minerva vest

minimal/maximal assistance

modified independence level

moist heat therapy

Moon boot


motorized scooter

motorized wheelchair

one-person assistance, two-person assistance

oral motor control

parallel bars

passive resistive exercise

physical therapy, occupational therapy, rehab nursing, therapeutic


pregait and gait training

pressure relief ankle foot orthosis or PRAFO

psychomotor performance

quad cane

quad knobs and brake extenders

raised toilet seat

Rancho ankle foot control device

range of motion

recreational therapy

requires setup for

rickshaw rehabilitation exerciser

ROHO bed

rolling walker

safety awareness

self-care independence

self-care skills

self-propel wheelchairs

shoe lift

shower chair

single-point cane

sit to stand

sitting/standing balance

sliding board transfers

sock aid and reacher

spinal cord injury orientation session

spinal precautions

standard leg rest

standby to contact guard assistance

supervised level with

swing-through gait

swing-through phase of ambulation


team conference

TED hose



therapeutic recreation

toe-touch weightbearing status

toilet-to-tub/shower transfers


total dependence


Trendelenburg gait

Vail bed

Venodyne boot

vibratory stimulation

weightbearing as tolerated

whirlpool therapy




ankle dorsiflexion

balls of feet

Birkenstock orthotic/shoe


calcaneal cuboid joint

collapse of the arch

cryptotic nails

curve-lasted shoe

debride nails

dystrophic nails


first MJP

functional hallux limitus

gel heel lifts

Haglund deformity


HAV deformity

heel pads

heel protectors


ingrown nails

IPJ ossicle

longitudinal arch

metatarsus adductus deformity

midtarsal joint sag


neutral calcaneal stance





plantar fasciitis


poststatic dyskinesia

proprioceptive exercises

raise and invert heels

sinus tarsi area

Spenco inserts

Superfeet orthotic insole

too-many-toe sign


underlapping toe

varus rearfoot wedge

visual gait analysis

walking cast boot