List of Orthopedic Tests ( Word List ) For Medical Transcriptionists

anterior drawer test
Apley distraction test
Apley grinding test
ballotable patella test
bounce home test
brachial plexus tension test
brush test
Clarke test
Cram test or popliteal test
crossover test
cruciate ligament test
distraction test
drawer test
drop-arm test for rotator cuff
elbow flexion test
FABER test (FABER = flexion, abduction and external rotation)
foraminal compression test
Fowler test
Gaenslen test
Gillet test
golfer elbow test or medial epicondylitis
gravity drawer test
Hawkin test for shoulder impingement
Homans test
Hoover sign / Hoover test
impingement test
inferior sulcus test
Kernig sign / Kernig test
Lachman test
lateral collateral ligament test
Lewin snuff test
ligamentous instability test
Ludington test
McMurray test
medial collateral ligament test
Neer test for shoulder impingement
patellar apprehension test
patellar apprehension test
Patrick test or Patrick’s test
pelvic rock test
Phalen test or Phalen’s test
pivot-shift test
posterior drawer test
prone knee flexion test or reverse Lasegue test
sag sign
shoulder apprehension test
side-lying iliac compression test
Speed test for biceps
spring test
Steinmann test
straight leg raising test
stroke test
supraspinatus test
tandem gait test
tennis elbow test or lateral epicondylitis test
thump test (for the ankle)
Tinel sign
varus/valgus stress
Wilson test
Yergason biceps tendinitis test
Yergason test for subluxing biceps