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This site has been developed with the intention of helping medical transcriptionists. When I was new to the profession, I always wished I could go to a site that offered word lists on different specialties I'd encounter. Having worked as a medical transcriptionist a number of years now, I feel I can now give back to the MT community.  So, this is my effort at sharing some of the knowledge I've gained as an MT over the years.  I say "some of the knowledge" because you never truly learn "everything" in this profession.  You come across new terms all the time.

I've always had the habit of writing down useful words I'd encounter during the course of my work.  These words are the most common ones (BUT NOT ALL) you would come across during the course of a doctor's dictation.  I've organized them in alphabetical order for easy reference.  You would also find transcribed medical transcription sample reports on this site across different specialties and work types.  I do hope all medical transcriptionists find this site useful - that's the purpose behind this site.  Well, happy transcribing!

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